"In Good Taste" Hersey Band Wine Tasting Fundraiser 2016

I had a blast performing for the Hersey Band Wine Tasting Fundraiser this past weekend with fellow alumni jazz musicians: Brendan Frank, Ryan Jacobi, and Kevin Jacobi. Check out some of photographer Sue Conolly's vivid snapshots from the evening.... See Gina DeGregorio's photo below. I'm hiding somewhere. ;)

Thanks so much to Scott Casagrande (band director) for all you did for us and for all you do for your students. You created an incredibly enriching, challenging, and multifaceted high school band experience. I wish every child on this planet had that opportunity! Thanks also to the great Christian Dillingham for filling in for our dear Sean Jacobi on bass and laying it down!  It was fun to see former teachers Mr. McSherry, Mrs. Hoijer, and Mrs. Carl-Beck (among others). Thanks for coming by to say hello! 

Brendan Frank(guit), Ryan Jacobi (drums), Christian Dillingham (bass), Lara Driscoll (piano), Kevin Jacobi (alto sax), photo: Gina DeGregorio

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