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Show me what democracy looks like, Loyola!

By: Lara Driscoll

April 6, 2018

After two years of negotiations, Loyola Chicago NTT faculty (Non-Tenure Track including adjuncts and full time non-tenure track lecturers) are still fighting for

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Trio Tour Update

Lara Driscoll Trio Featuring: Dave Laing (drums), Mike Downes (bass), Lara Driscoll (piano)

Happy New Year! I finally have a moment to share a few photos from our wonderful #laradriscolltrio tour! The audiences were fun and appreciative and the clubs treated us to a warm Canadian welcome! 

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Musical Summer 2016

Summer is winding down, and although I always feel like it goes by too fast, I will remember these 2016 musical moments with particular fondness!! Hugs 'n scarves! 

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Three photographers I met this month...

Musicians run into photographers all the time. I don't always catch their name, and I don't always see their work, but I do appreciate their silent artistry. I love supporting other artists and their hard work, and photographers never get…

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