Three photographers I met this month...

Musicians run into photographers all the time. I don't always catch their name, and I don't always see their work, but I do appreciate their silent artistry. I love supporting other artists and their hard work, and photographers never get enough credit! In the age of smartphones, we all have become a "photographer," but... I'd like to share with you a few excellent photographers I have met just THIS MONTH at gigs. All three are super nice, do great work, and deserve a thank you: Elena Bazini, Thomas Mohr, and Sue Conolly...

Elena Bazini  photographed a wedding at which I accompanied the lovely vocalist, Mary Aldousary. It was a gorgeous winter wedding in Oak Park, and Elena captured it beautifully. Here are a few photos from our performance of classic standards "Someone to Watch Over Me" and "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?" Check out Elena's website to see some of her other work!

Lara Driscoll (piano), Mary Aldousary (vocals), Photo: ​Elena Bazini  

Lara Driscoll (piano), Mary Aldousary (vocals), Photo: ​Elena Bazini
Lara Driscoll (piano), Mary Aldousary (vocals), Photo: ​Elena Bazini

Thomas Mohr elegantly captured some FUN moments at Southport and Irving (you should go if you've never been! It's a quaint, intimate setting with great food and house made cocktails). I was performing with the always fantastic and sweet Rose Colella. Thomas is so cool and brings so many interesting toys and camera lenses! Check out his amazing portfolio on his website!

Lara Driscoll (piano), Rose Colella (vocals), Photo: Thomas Mohr

Lara Driscoll (piano), Rose Colella (vocals), Photo: Thomas Mohr

Lara Driscoll (piano), Rose Colella (vocals) Photo: Thomas Mohr

Sue Conolly took some great pictures for the Hersey Band event. This is a remarkable fundraiser event that is made possible through many community based donations. Check out the whole photo album!
Lara Driscoll (piano), Photo: Sue Conolly

Brendan Frank(guit), Ryan Jacobi (drums), Kevin Jacobi (alto sax), Christian Dillingham (bass), Photo: Sue Conolly

Christian Dillingham (bass), Lara Driscoll (piano), Photo: Sue Conolly

p.s. if you're a photographer and I forget to give you credit for a photo please call me out on it! ;)

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