Is music therapy for you?

Seeing music move people makes it all worth it. On Monday I worked with ILUMAnations, which is a collaboration between the Loyola Museum of Modern Art and the Alzheimer’s Disease Center at Northwestern University. Thanks to Prof. Haysun Kang's organization, I was invited to present music along with a few other Loyola colleagues to individuals with early on-set Alzheimers. Researchers noted body language and behavior while we shared music with the patients. It was a joy to play and sing with them and to watch them get up and dance, laugh, cry, and emote to the music. "Way You Look Tonight" and "Moon River" went over particularly well with these folks... Doing this event reminded me of my own grandmother who suffered from this terrible disease in the last years of her life... she absolutely LOVED music. Music therapy is a growing and fascinating field, and I highly respect the work music therapists do every day. Could music therapy help you or someone you know?

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